We support women in vulnerable situations by using the tools of kundalini yoga and meditation to promote their physical, mental and spiritual development, thereby transforming themselves and their communities.



We work in 9 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. With a team of more than 100 women, we serve around 2,000 women in our social programs..

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Our programs sustain funding of much of our social work. We hold workshops, specializations and private retreats in more than 15 countries around the world.

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In the Face of Violence

This is a program focused on women who live or have lived domestic violence, categorized as physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence.

In the Community

This program supports the empowerment of women through the tools of Kundalini Yoga for physical, mental and emotional self-care, self-knowledge, self-worth and self-respect. At the same time, it seeks to strengthen the capacity to work in teams and the development of women's leadership.

For Health

We work in partnership with public and private institutions for the healthcare of women, complementing processes carried out by doctors, nutritionists and psychologists.

Deprived of Freedom

This program is aimed to Women Deprived of Freedom who are in the process of social reintegration, and focuses on creating physical and emotional well-being to reduce levels of depression, stress and anxiety.




Neuroscience and Kundalini Yoga

On the Saturday, March 4, this beautiful workshop was given by Isabel Davidziuk and Hari Miter Kaur, where they went through the experience of Kundalini yoga, its effects on the brain and nervous system.



Visit of Nam Nidhan Kaur

Our founder Nam Nidhan Kaur, during her stay in Xi'an, visited the women's prison and offered a class to the officers serving in the institution. It was a historical event. Thanks to Siri Om Kaur and Angad Kaur for promoting the service by inspiring all Chinese yoga teachers.


Nam Nidhan Kaur in Barcelona

In February, we had a powerful experience in the master class offered by Nam Nidhan, where we were able to work on old patterns in order to develop all our intuitive potential and connect ourselves from neutrality.



Woman of Light Australia officially established

In January 2017, Woman of Light Australia became legalised and established as a not for profit organisation for the integral development of woman. The first Joti Sarovar would be held in Bali in August/September 2017, led by Nam Nidhan Kaur. This is the first course in the Asia Pacific region coordinated by the Woman of Light Australia team. For more information about the Joti Sarovar, please click here.



Kundalini Yoga Outdoors

On February 26, the third free yoga session that welcomed everyone was taught by Lina Gómez at the Plazoleta del Mamm.



New Alliance "Club de la Mama"

In February, a new space in San Juan de Miraflores was opened to hold one of our Social Programs that supports patients with cancer. We offered a Kundalini Yoga workshop for community health, taught by Vikrampal Kaur.



Joti Sarovar 2017

Thirty eight (38) radiant women of light shared and celebrated with Nam Nidhan Kaur a new encounter in Rupanco, connecting with their sacred feminine. It was a unique fulfilling and very nurturing experience!



Yoga in the penitentiary center of Loja

In February, we began a yoga program in the prison center of Loja, for women and men deprived of freedom. This was delivered in partnership with Beyond Addiction, a program focused on addictions, and Sanjog Kaur, the representative of Beyond Addiction in Latin America and professor of Women of Light Ecuador.



New Team Members

On February 12, we had a beautiful weekend of growth, strengthening and intense work in the headquarters of Woman of Light in Uruguay, where the new team members of the foundation were welcomed.